12 May 2012

Bale is not yet Barça

Although there was talk of a done deal, Tottenham refused to sell the full-back.

The Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has denied categorically having reached an agreement to sell Gareth Bale to Barça in exchange for 40 million euros. According to a report in Marca, the operation was already agreed also with the Welsh full-back, who signed as azulgrana for five seasons, at 5 million annual tab. "I think there is a trace of truth in that," said Redknapp.

Bale, 22, has recently and repeatedly threatened with his departure from White Hart Lane, putting the club as one of the clubs ideals. From the Camp Nou also has Bale one of the candidates rated by the experts to strengthen the left side, but his big problem is the price of its output. Manchester City are as crazy about Bale and talk of an offer of around 50 million euros for Tottenham.

"We can forget about playing in the Champions League regularly in the future unless we keep our best players and add new talent. Never thought about selling them," stated the manager of Spurs. Given the ongoing rumors Bale and innuendo player regarding his desire to play at a club with genuine aspirations to win titles, Redknapp had warned a few days ago that Welsh "is the club's future."

he veteran coach of Tottenham even alluded to the manner of Bale to doubt an early migration. "At the first opportunity that has become his home with his family in Wales, so do not think you are ready to go yet," he said.

In the present context, Barça is very clear. Do not want to go crazy for any player and less into auctions. Therefore, the method of last summer to sign has required the involvement of the player, why in the club known as 'Via Mascherano'. (via MD)