20 May 2012

Bale calls for efforts to Barça

The offer of 45 million for the Welsh to the Spurs still seems not enough, according to his agent.

Gareth Bale needs a strong gesture of Barcelona to step forward. The Welsh international Tottenham Hotspur is looking forward to the club blaugrana make a proposal to the Spurs to start putting some pressure on his club. However, this gesture that asked Bale on the part of Barcelona does not seem at all easy, as his agent, Jonathan Barnett, said yesterday the newspaper 'The Telegraph' that if the Catalan wanted to bet heavily on his client had "to pay even more than what they say they have offered. "And the figure that has struck in recent days is an initial proposal of 45 million euros, so it seems quite feasible that the transaction is closed if the first change the player's agent calls for more money.

And is that a sine qua non 'for a player runs out of this world coming to Barcelona is willing to make some sacrifice, especially in their pocket. At first glance it seems feasible that Bale follow the same steps as Javier Mascherano and Cesc Fàbregas, for instance, who accepted his condition and part of the transfer sheet to call at the club catalan.

In any case, we must bear in mind that the context of Bale and the two players mentioned are very different, because the first is still very young Do you only 22 years what has no particular connection to Barcelona, while Mascherano was two years I was trying to get out of Liverpool and his family was the first one was forcing his departure because he had not finished adapting to life in England, and wanted to return to Barcelona Cesc or yes, after a successful step in the Arsenal, to be with his family and the club of his heart.

Thus, as things stand, it appears that the saga of Gareth Bale has only just begun.

"Bale is happy at Tottenham to think about leaving," he said his agent, aware that the more interesting options has become more of cashing in all this.

The Barcelona assumes that the operation of the Welsh star is extremely complicated, since in no case can compete with other clubs on economic issues, much less get into auctions and bids. The club has always resorted blaugrana in these cases with the trump card that the player agrees to step forward to come to the Catalan.

Clearly Bale is presented as one of the best options to strengthen the left wing visibly 'touched' on the waterline after Eric Abidal's disease, but obviously not at any price. This brings up the Welsh player, who would put pressure on the leaders, asking them to let him go to Barcelona and putting all eggs in one basket.

But it seems that Bale also wants the club blaugrana are 'wet' and how, since it appears that the 45 million that could Habre Barcelona offered are not sufficient, as emphasized his own agent. (via SPORT)