23 May 2012

Sadurní believes that the Calderón "should play Valdés"

According to the ex Barça goalkeeper Salvador Sadurní, Barça should meet Friday's game at the Calderón with Víctor Valdés in goal, "If I were the coach, Valdés would play in the final of Copa. give advantage to By playing Pinto Athletic" Sadurní stressed in statements made in the program "Mas Esports' COM Radio.

Again according Sadurní, Valdés is much better than Iker Casillas, from here to Lima. Víctor should be a starter in the Spanish national team. "Sadurní aismismo has said that" Valdés is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the club. For me the best was Antoni Ramallets ".

In another order and asked about the controversial statements of Esperanza Aguirre, Salvador Sadurní stressed that "it is thought we're still in the Franco era." (via MD)