09 May 2012

Adriano has decided not to listen to offers

"There is no reason to leave," says his agent.

Adriano appears in all the pools as one of the Barça transferable. The specialized websites signings and rumors place him agree on the 'calcio', although some will even open the door of the Premier League.

His agent, Paulo Alfonso, MD has clarified that no club has warned of this possibility, which has two years of contract and not hear or foreign national offers. "There is no reason that Adriano leave the Barça," he said.

The agent went to London for the Chelsea-Barça Champions League and will also be in the finals of Copa del Rey in Madrid. "No manager has told me anything.

Instead, I say they are happy, "he added. The representative also emphasized that" Adriano has adapted very well to the city and the philosophy of the club. "

Its versatility, understands, is an added value, although the club will strengthen Brazil's position that deals with specialists. "Having a player of his characteristics is very good for any template. Such is his conviction that Paulo Alfonso avoided prosecuting the assumption that the club could raise output.

"Adriano has just the season well, responding to everything the technician asked. Has overcome his injuries and there is no reason to not have him," he said. With Abidal sick, Adriano has entered the starting lineup fairly regularly, essentially when Pep raised back four. Also entered into one of three. (via MD)