08 May 2012

11 names for the 3 signings that will Barça

Eleven are the players who have controlled Barça well to reinforce the team ahead of next season. Need a left back, a center-back and a forward.


David Alaba - Bayern Munich

At 19 years, the Austrian is the youngest candidate. Van Gaal discovered two seasons ago and is noted for his physical prowess and versatility. It is a rough diamond.

Jordi Alba - Valencia

Emerging from La Masia, has exploded this season. Used to playing as inside, is doctoral student and side and has even won the title in la 'Roja'.

Siqueira - Granada

The Brazilian is the star of Granada. Besides being the owner of the left wing, and has scored seven goals. It would be the cheapest option, but no less reliable.

Gareth Bale - Tottenham

Welsh is the best left in the world and the dream of Barça. Take 13 goals in all competitions, the same as the other three together, but have you scratching his pocket much.

Central defense:

Thiago Silva - AC Milan

The Brazilian is one of the priorities of Tito Vilanova, who prefers to Mascherano as a medium. At 27, is at the height of his career. It has no weaknesses and is a 'full core'.

Javi Martínez - Athletic Club

Would be two signings in one. Bielsa has converted to the axis of the rear, but has always played as a midfielder. Despite his great experience, just 23 years.

Jan Vertonghen - Ajax

The Belgian is one of the great jewels of the market. It is very fast and is sponsored by Frank de Boer, current coach of Ajax. Besides, it's been ten goals in the current year.

David Luiz - Chelsea

The Brazilian is a technical paragon despite his physical might seem otherwise. It is incorporated with danger in attack, but sometimes loses concentration.


Adrián - Atletico Madrid

It is one of the sensations of the season and now has 19 goals. At 24 years, is proving its worth in the always difficult and Atletico still has not reached his ceiling.

Fernando Llorente - Athletic Club

Ibra He's as good as and better professional Swedish. It is a goal-thirties and would be the best plan 'B' for when rivals close. He is a master in the air.

Robin Van Persie - Arsenal

It is the safest option of all and perhaps also the most expensive. Is completing the best season of his life and knows that Arsenal will not win anything.It has 37 goals! (via SPORT)