17 April 2012

Zubizarreta: "We will live football in pure state"

Bet on seeing "the best version" of a Chelsea "rapid and dynamic in midfield."

He believes that this European semifinal is well made the prize to the work from the month of July.

Of New London. Many memories come to mind. The old and the new Wembley, Koeman, Alexanko, Abidal and Iniesta. The director of the Sports Area Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, recognizes that a special city, "Back to London always reminds us great games. Has elements of epic and history, which is also nice, but most important is to be in semifinal Champions. might as well play in Lisbon. "

Zubizarreta is clear that breathe the air on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge in the semifinal round of the Champions, "Whenever I've played in the English countryside and vibrant public has cried a lot to your computer. Will live football in its purest form."

The next seven days will decide much of the season azulgrana. Is this good or bad? "Go all in seven days is the best there is. What we do not like playing games inconsequential end of the season," said Zubizarreta. "It is a key week because we have done well since July 18. If we do it right now, the week will be key to the final of the Champions. This is built with small steps, since we lost in the preseason in Miami the United, "he remembered.

Being in the semifinals of the Champions is a reward for a job well done. Both by the Barça as part of Chelsea. "They have done the same merits to us to be here. Teams like Chelsea are prepared to compete and play under great pressure. I hope the best version of Chelsea." This team has emphasized, above all, his "dynamic midfield and quickly."

In this regard, he rejected the label of favorite outfit. "Having the favorite tag in a semifinal of Champions is useless. I hope to be motivated by a Chelsea in the final. Competitively has capacity to resolve difficult situations. It is a solid set, with rhythm, with one to one, and also with competitiveness throughout a whole. "

Memories of 2009

Obviously, Andoni Zubizarreta has been asked about his memories of Iniesta's goal in 2009. He is now director of the Area Soccer Sports journalist exercised then: "I saw the game in the press box at Stamford Bridge and I remember it was a very small cabin. After the goal cost me out of there." Believes that this semifinal came in different circumstances to the current "Then la Liga was intended, and Copa too. The season did not depend on the Champions League, which was the prize that year. One wants to believe that curses exist then neither against Barca we thought and that we too could win in the last minute. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)