25 April 2012

[Youth] Xavi Quintillà, a cadete between juveniles

The defender is ahead Lleida: born in 1996 but it is a permanent fixture in the Juvenil B and points the next season to A.
Although it may act in the central and left-back, its reference is a skilled and Marc Bartra and his idol, a midfielder Sergio Busquets.

Although Xavier Quintillá Guasch (Lleida, August 23, 1996) meets only his third season at FC Barcelona, ​​is one of the most loved canteranos all colleagues, coaches, assistants and managers. Beyond his talent, which takes you to always play with bigger rivals since his debut with the Spanish Under-17 with only fifteen years old, stands out for its naturalness, his heart and his smile, which always end up giving the bracelet captain.

In football, going forward. Military after seven seasons in the UE Lleida (two Prebejamin, Benjamin, Alevín and the first Infantil), landed in Sant Joan Despi in August 2009 to join the Infantil A of Andrés Carrasco. His second year at Barça he started in Cadet B of Fran Artiga but ended up winning the league in the Cadete A García Pimienta. And in today, but was still a cadet, he has played since the first day in Juvenil B. It is the only cadet in of Barça juveniles, which also plays his brother George, in the A Òscar Garcia.

'Quinti', as it is known in the football scene, is left handed and acts usually full-back, but can do well in the center of defense. His references, however, have nothing to do with their favorite river. His idol as a midfielder Sergio Busquets, while the current reference in the cantera is a skilled center-back, Marc Bartra.

One of its main strengths is the versatility, because outside of the two positions of defense and his ability to play in a lag of three or four, coaches also have lined up in midfield at times. The versatility, however, also forces you to improve various aspects. He lacks speed of the ball when it acts as an organizer, aggressiveness and passing game if you do plant, and create more danger when he plays up the band. But many more qualities are: technically very good, has the notion of the game the first touch of the school Barça and his vision and intelligence allow you to anticipate the actions. Learn and know if it continues to come up for sure. (via MD)