17 April 2012

[Youth] See playing Take, the first Japanese in the history of Barça

Takefusa Kubo is a Japanese guy who plays 11 years now in the Alevín C of FC Barcelona. Better known as Take, Japan was known as the "Japanese Messi."

He Is a left-handed boy, with very good ball, great vision and precise stuck on goal from distance.

Take the story of the FC Barcelona started in Fukuoka, School of FC Barcelona that lies south of Japan and arrived on campus after highlighting the Blaugrana in the city of Yokohama. After a great performance in the campus, its director Óscar Hernández, recommended that the boy's club incorporating the Catalan club's inferior categories, warning also of interest from other major European teams recruit, including Real Madrid.

Last season he was invited to Barcelona for a test in which surprised all coaches of La Masia and after that William Love decided to take to a tournament in Belgium with one of the teams below the cantera. There he was chosen MVP, accelerating the procedures for the youth to Kubo travel to Barcelona and his family this season.

Take not living in La Masia, but eat and rest there daily. It has adapted to a high speed life both in Spain and the language. In the following video, posted by FCBMasia.com and issued by the program BarçaTV "Promeses" we can see his performance in "Vila de Peralada Tournament" this past Easter, where FC Barcelona won the final against Villarreal 3-0, with a goal and assisted Japanese player often. (via SPORT)