20 April 2012

[Youth] More near of England than of Israel

While in Tel Aviv have put Òscar García at Maccabi, there are only some interest from Jordi Cruyff but not a single negotiation.

Manchester City, which wanted to sign him last summer, and Chelsea are also interested in the Barça coach to lead its affiliates.

The Israeli media have taken for granted today that Òscar García will be the new coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv next season. The arrival of Jordi Cruyff, which was presented on Sunday, as the new manager, has unleashed all the rumors and Israel claim that there is an agreement and only missing seal economic fringes.

The reality is that Jordi Cruyff are interested in Òscar but have not yet started any negotiations. First, because the Barça coach is very focused on the Juvenil A and its goal now is to win the Champions League and Copa del Rey.

And secondly, because even a few weeks Òscar wait for more deals and decide all on the table, including Maccabi. Manchester City, which wanted to hire him last summer, and Chelsea have shown interest in the coach to take charge of their subsidiaries and join the staff of the first team. In the case of the London club, there is also the possibility of leading the Vitesse, linked to that of Roman Abramovich. (via MD)