09 April 2012

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 2 - 0 RCD Espanyol

Barça is imposed Espanyol in a derby instrumental in Miniestadi and depends upon himself to be crowned league champions of the División de Honor Juvenil.

The Juvenil A, leader with 75 points, will play the last league match on Sunday at 12 pm in the Field of Centenari Badalona. Espanyol, in second place with 74, will be visited by the Damm.

The Óscar García closed an entire season unbeaten at home and overcome an Espanyol had not lost any matches this year.

More emotion, impossible. Barça and Espanyol will be played the title next weekend, on the final day of competition. The blanquiazules faced this journey alone 29 as leaders of the League but it is the Óscar García who now rely on themselves to defend the title of champions of the División de Honor Juvenil. Good atmosphere in the Miniestadi Monday, with 1,678 spectators, to live a vibrant and vital derby.

Barça is ahead in the 8th minute with a late own goal from Rubén, who wanted to divert Dongou center from the left and sent it to the bottom of the blanquiazul network. Previously, Óscar Garcia and danger had approached with the goal defended by Pau, Edu Campabadal center from the right which found no auctioneer. Despite the goal, the first few minutes were constant balance with both teams struggling to gain possession.

In 17 minutes it has returned to try Jean Marie Dongou, with a right footed shot from the edge of the penalty area that Pau has stopped in two stages. Espanyol have tried to react but, little by little, the azulgrana midfield has begun to combine actions and to seek more vertical than the usual hard work they have done to the visitors' defense. The Dani Poyatos have countered by raising the level of intensity and in the final stretch of the first part, we have approached more danger to the goal of Miguel Bañuz, who has taken a providential hand in a center-shot of Rufo.

Before the break, at minute 41, Dongou has scored the second goal of Barça. Cameroon has benefited a rebound from Pau after a Patric shot to complete a clásico center forward's goal. Dongou, which has come to mark his debut with Barca B and Eusebio Sacristán, really wanted to play this match and it has amply demonstrated.

Two minutes after the restart, the exit of a corner, Bonilla has topped his head to the left of Bañuz a good opportunity for Espanyol. A few moments later, a shot of Gil has tested the resilience of the azulgrana goalkeeper, who stopped the ball with a good stretch. Minutes have been suffering for the Juvenil A, Óscar Garcia. Minute round trip, which Grimaldo has had occasion to mark the third on 62 minutes, in a major counterattack of Barça.

Ernesto, with cramps in the legs, has given way to long and loud electric Ebwelle. Barça again seemed to put a small pause in the duel. However, in the 79th minute, the referee has expelled after showing Bagnack second yellow card for wasting time when returning the ball. A decision that has left Barca with ten players. Óscar García has reacted quickly by entering Bakoyock to rebuild the team.

It was a capital derby. Both Barça and Espanyol have exhausted the four regulatory changes, with many players leaving the pitch after the great effort cast held Monday. In minute 88, Barça has had a great time to kill the game but the azulgrana attack has not had sufficient precision to define. Quintillá has also been added over time but the score has not moved. To highlight the performance of Bañuz, which has taken every opportunity to stop visitors. La Liga will be decided next week. For now, Barça has given vuleco classification. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Ernesto (Ebwelle, min 73), Patric (Quintillà, min 85), Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Calvet, min 77) and Quesada (Bakoyock, min 80).

RCD Espanyol: Pau, Arroyo, Bonilla, Ruben, Aitor (Héctor, min 77), Albert (Gil, min 45), Kilian (Pedro, min 45. Diego, min 63), Joan, Jafar, Rufo and Roger.

Goals: 1-0, Ruben (pp, min 8); y 2-0, Dongou (min 41).

Referee: Víctor Manuel Sánchez Rico. Has shown the yellow card to Aitor (min 22), Patric (min 30), Bagnack (min 36 and 79), Roger (min 51) and Grimaldo (min 56). Bagnack been expelled for two bookings (min 79).