15 April 2012

[Youth] CF Badalona 1 - 1 FCB Juvenil A

The group led for Òscar García was tied for the final game of the regular competition against badaloneses and can not regain the league title after Espanyol's win against Damm.

Barça has been much higher in the second half, but that has not been enough for the win.

High excitement in the final game the Division de Honor Juvenil. The Juvenil A of Barca's title was playing regular competition against Badalona, ​​one of the few computers that had not won this season. The azulgranas themselves depended on to be crowned champions and needed the win, but could not move from a tie, the same result as signed in the first round against badaloneses. Òscar García's team lost la Liga by just one point of difference, as Espanyol won the Damm 2-0.

Centennial Field has hosted a tough game. The guys have been Òscar García clear dominators of the first twenty minutes, but with little depth. The first highlight of the azulgrana set arrival has come at minute 13 of the hand of Miguel Ángel. The Barcelona player has started a move down the left wing, has outpaced the defense and has chutado badalonesa, but the home keeper stopped his intention. Dongou has tried building a few seconds after the ball game was in the penalty area, but has been successful and the rally has ended without further danger.

As the game approached half time, the Badalona has advanced its lines and has begun to star in some arrivals at the goal of Bañuz. The match was matched at times, and the locals have been about to break the illusions azulgranas on 29 minutes with a goal that has finally been annulled for offside. After this scare for Barça, the confrontation has continued with few opportunities, until Dongou almost opened the scoring in the last minute of first half with a shot that has ended up rejecting Hugo, the goalkeeper. The whistle indicating the half time break has sent a decisive encounter was left wide open for the second time.

The tension was palpable in the environment once it has started the second half. The Juvenil A playing it all within 45 minutes remaining, and also had the added pressure that Espanyol was winning against Damm. But the set of Òscar Garcia has controlled the nerves and proved he deserved the championship with its overwhelming dominance. In minute 60, Nando has become a penalty on Edu. A goal that a little closer to Barça for the title. But the joy was short-lived, because only two minutes after the Badalona has returned to equalize the match in one of the only times outstanding. Garrido, in a single game, has surpassed the azulgrana defense with a shot from close range to 63 minutes leaving the result at 1-1.

After the local goal, the game has become an offensive monologue of Barça. Barcelona fans wanted to win at any cost and have not stopped looking for him with a constant attack, but the ball would not go. Pol Calvet has been close to his side ahead on 65 minutes, and Ebwelle, which has emerged in this second half, has starred in many cases very clear, but lacked accuracy in the final meters. Miguel Ángel has sent the ball against the crossbar in the 84th minute.

Juvenil A has not stopped trying until the last minute, but after a corner kick that has ended in the hands of goalkeeper Badalona, has sounded the final whistle that Barca frustrated ambitions. La Liga was beyond the last game after taking the lead the previous day in the derby against Espanyol. However, the azulgranas have just a very positive season in which they have remained unbeaten at home and where only lost two games against San Francisco and Girona, and signed four draws, two precisely against Badalona in the outward and return journeys, and one against Espanyol and Cornellà. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
CF Badalona: Hugo, Rosell, Fabricio, Álvaro, Jebran, Dani, Garrido, Jorge, Cugat, Miguel and Anás.

FC Barcelona A: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Robert, Ayala, Samper, Ernesto, Quesada, Dongou, Miguel Ángel and Pol Calvet.

Goals: 0-1, Nando, min 60; 1-1, Garrido, min 63.

Referee: Jose Emilio Sánchez Aparicio.