20 April 2012

Xavi sees a Clásico "heads or tails"

The second captain of FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernández believes that el clásico Barça-Madrid on Saturday at the Camp Nou is a matter of "heads or tails" as understood that the result occurs affect the development of la Liga.

"La Liga depends very much on this game and its outcome. Barça try to be the winner and that we get to a point. We are very excited to make a comeback in this league so hard to put us 10 points," he stated in an interview with the thematic channel 'Gol TV'.

The Barcelona player is confident that his team will play the style you are defining, without sacrificing any of its features. "Madrid has played in various ways and we have not changed the style in any game. We wanted the ball, we wanted to be players in the game," he noted.

"If Barça wins, will have choices in this league and in case of defeat, as the Madrid will be sentenced. Therefore, it is a coin flip game," he added.

In a lengthy interview at the Camp Nou, the Barcelona player has praised, as is customary in him, the coach Josep Guardiola, who has said that despite showing an image of being above everything and everyone not "too upset".

"We give enough chewing everything. We annoying little" added the player, who is convinced that Guardiola "is a fantastic coach. Dominates like no one tactical, the motivation ... is a person who, just by their presence , captive, and in this sense, we orgullosísimos Pep. "

Preparer's azulgrana, Xavi has stressed the motivational skills you have, which has pushed the azulgrana dressing room to conceive not compete "no win".

The continuity of Guardiola is still unknown at Barça, despite being about to enter the scene the last week of April, a fact that

"It is important to continue. To me, it's one of the key or most important person in all this gear, and would like to continue. But it depends," he opined. (via SPORT)