14 April 2012

Wenger: "Against Barça, Chelsea only have 18 minutes to make a difference"

Arsène Wenger believes that Barça and Madrid are favorites to reach the Champions League final.

In his blog on the website of Yahoo! Eurosport, Arsenal coach begins by analyzing the tie between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. "I give an advantage to Real Madrid against Bayern Munich. However, the Bavarians have players who can make the tie is complicated. On the pitch, Real Madrid has an advantage due to its technical, social and physical strength. to me, it's 60-40 for Madrid. However, Bayern have experience and quality to win. Real Madrid since the start of the Champions League is the most stable team and the most impressive of the competition, "explains.

As regards the other playoff semifinals of the Champions League between Barcelona and Chelsea, Wenger's view is that "Barcelona against Chelsea is also favored in a 60-40, and even a 65-35 . However, Chelsea have advantage to win games in which he is favorite to psychological and physical pressure on the opponent at home. Players like Drogba, Lampard and Terry has extensive experience in this competition. not so easy for Barcelona. "The Frenchman added that "in terms of possession, will be 70% for Barcelona." Chelsea has only about 18 minutes to make a difference. They have to use those 18 minutes of the most effective way. Barcelona have weaknesses: Chelsea defense and is capable of causing problems with its direct play at free kicks and corners "

As regards the qualifying for the Europa League, Wenger sees the Athletic in the final and does not dare to give a favorite in the tie between Valencia and Atlético Madrid. (via SPORT)