28 April 2012

Valentí Guardiola: "We learned practically yesterday"

Valentí Guardiola has said in the program 'The tribe of Catalunya Radio', which after his sonthe decision of not to continue as head of the staff of the Barça" are now calmer. There are difficult days because we have learned practically yesterday. When I insinuábamos, and we did a few times, we cleared and no longer insisted nothing. "

On the possibility of entrerarse Pep's decision through the media Valentí says, "His mother told him the day we're clear what we would like comunicases before we have to find out on the radio and television. This has been done "

In this sense, the father believes that "The feelings are mixed a bit. First, sorry for all these years we have enjoyed and suffered, but also sad because there are thousands and thousands of people who were very fond of our son. We also have a relax because now we have no concern if the team played badly. "

Valentí reconce suffering "because we knew how he lived all this of Barça since he was thirteen and as suffering if things went well. Pep know more or know less, but gives everything." (via MD)