11 April 2012

The ‘Two ways to live Barça’ book is presented at the Camp Nou

President Sandro Rosell attended the presentation of the book written by the adviser to the board of directors Carles Rexach and the journalist Màrius Carol.

Rexach, an optimistic Culé, converses with Carol, a pessimistic supporter, about how one should live and enjoy a team like FC Barcelona.

This morning the book Two ways to live Barça. Compulsive sufferers or optimistic by nature was presented at the Camp Nou. The book collects the conversations between the ex-player and now adviser to the board of directors Carles Rexach and the director of communications of the Godó Group Màrius Carol. The dialogue between the two men highlights the nature of a tranquil and optimistic Culé, represented by Rexach, and a supporter that’s more pessimistic, represented by Carol.

The presentation of the book was attended by FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell, the Institutional Area vice president Carles Vilarrubí and the directors Toni Freixa and Jodri Moix. When Mr. Rosell was asked which personality type represents him best, he said, “between the two of you, the pessimist and the optimist, I’m more like Carles Rexach, I’m more optimistic.

“I hope that Barça takes La Liga and more so now that I see that the team is getting closer. In these nervous moments, there’s more pessimism in Madrid than in Barcelona,” said Rexach when asked about Barça’s chances of winning the title. Carol thanked the team for not throwing in the towel in the month on January: “I’m thankful that this team believed in their chances and they’ve taken it one game at a time. We’re very close to Madrid.”(via FCBarcelona.com)