23 April 2012

Torres. "I don't always win the best"

Chelsea forward is confident his team's victory against Barça, equipment fetish.

Fernando Torres, Spanish forward of Chelsea and rival Barça in the semifinals of the Champions League, gave an interview to UEFA.com in which he reviewed his form and the keys of the tie between your computer and the Catalan side. Torres admitted that the club is the best, but does not always win the best team in football: "It is clear that Barcelona is one step ahead than other clubs. Have reached the last five semi-finals and it is not easy, but this is football. The best team does not always win. "

The former Atletico Madrid and Liverpool said you can not remove the ball to Barça but playing with other weapons: "Many teams that play against Barcelona think you should steal the ball, but I think that is not possible. you have to use other different weapons against them. If your goal is to steal the ball, it will be difficult to achieve and end tired, and then have more space for the opposition. "And as for Fuenlabrada would be a catastrophe not to enter the Champions League fiinal: "It would be a catastrophe to stay out of the Champions League next season, and we must be prepared to do," he said. El "niño", as I have dubbed for years, pointed to Xavo and Iniesta as key players, who carry handle, "Xavi and Iniesta are setting the pace of play. When you face them, you should know who will be bearing the party leadership. "It is recalled that Fernando Torres has scored 7 goals for azulgrana in his time at Atletico Madrid, and four of them at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)