07 April 2012

Terry's children are fans ... Messi

Chelsea's centre-back John Terry confessed passion with her ​​twin sons by the '10' Barça.

John Terry is already thinking about the next clash of the Champions League semifinal against Barça. Peo is not the only family that has the remaining hours for matches at Stamford Bridge and the Camp Nou. The twins of five Summer Rose and Georgie John, the sons of the centre-back, are ardent fans of the star's next opponent 'blue', Leo Messi. Such is their passion that they hide when sheathed or a football shirt.

"My children have Messi's shirt. Just love him. Both have shirts Barça with his name on the back and like to see that Messi changed his jersey with rivals when they finish the games and will do now with us," Terry said to 'The Sun'.

Chelsea defender believes Messi "clearly the best player ever." Terry is full of praise when speaking of Argentina. "It's a pleasure to compete against him and when I finish my career is something that I can count. And when we see on television, I tell my kids that I played against him," he said.

But Terry knows that mñáxima of 'the enemy, no water' must always be respected. And although contravene their offspring, do not hesitate to launch their battle cry bound to Rosario: "Messi is a great player and a great person. It has everything and is magical. But it can be stopped and we have shown in games earlier. Beyond the possibility of saying 'I played against him', is about winning. we know it will be very hard because Barça is a great team but we can. " (via SPORT)