16 April 2012

Terry: "My kids are in love with Messi"

Chelsea defender does not hide his admiration for the Argentine but has warned it will try to "stop him" even if it takes the anger of his children.

John Terry is ready to face the momentous semi-final against Barça and despite the inconvenience that has drawn so far, warns in an interview with the newspaper 'AS': "I will not lose a single game" .

The center-back of Chelsea is one of the emblems of the London club and also one of the survivors of the template that has been featured in the fighting against Barça in recent seasons and this is why claiming that they love to face "the has been for four or five years, one of the best teams in history. "

However, what Terry is truly excited about is the possibility of returning to the opportunity to cross with Leo Messi. "It's one of those opportunities to enjoy and then tell your kids you played against him. My kids are in love Messi and I told you to be prepared, that they break your heart because I will defend you soon. It is a pleasure the modern game can enjoy a talent like yours. the day I retire I will look at my resume, videos, and one night against Messi, against one of the best ever, but the best, count as one of the great achievements of my career. in fact, for me is the best ever, and a swell guy, a great person. All honor to the sport to have someone like him, "he said.

And is that the captain 'blue', Messi is "pure magic" and hopes to stop Barca as already demonstrated in the past that "can do" being "of the few teams that we have treated as equals at home. "Yet Terry is blunt: "There are unstoppable, but they can destroy you." (via SPORT)