24 April 2012

The team now trains at the stadium

Follow all day pre-match Champions League tonight between FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC.

- 12.50 h: Unlike Barça, Chelsea do not train this morning and is concentrated at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona. Recall that the English team played its last game on Saturday at noon. Tied 0-0 at Arsenal camp.

- 12:27 pm: The team takes the pitch of the stadium to train. They practice the 21-man squad for the match today.

- 11.30: The coach with the Barcelona players at Camp Nou arrives. In 30 minutes the computer will jump to the Stadium turf for the final preparatory session.

- 11.00 pm: The team leaves the hotel where W is concentrated way to the Camp Nou. After 12 hours Guardiola will make the final training session before Chelsea's visit.

- 10.30: Meet at the Camp Nou representatives of both clubs, UEFA and local police and security representatives visiting club. This meeting is also present for part of it a representative of the referees that checks the compatibility of the uniforms of both teams, which also recalls the fundamental aspects of the sporting regulations to be followed during the game.

- 10.00: We offer for sale more tickets for FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC. (via FCBarcelona.cat)