28 April 2012

The team knew the appointment of Tito Vilanova by Zubizarreta

Pep did not skip the hierarchy: the coach announces the coach.
Zubi said the captains in Sant Joan Despi, after Pep talk.

The squad barcelonista yesterday heard the name of the successor of Pep Guardiola. The coach still explained his decision not to continue in office, but omitted the information regarding the succession.

Andoni Zubizarreta broke the news to the captains before heading to the Camp Nou. The captains subsequently communicated to all staff. Guardiola wanted to be scrupulous to a group that has felt very close and would not do something that belonged to Zubi.

Pep of his players said in a press conference in which he explained his motivations for leaving, "I have been privileged to train them. I have actually enjoy this job and I appreciate that there have been millions of plays and parties that have made reality. not know the pleasure of imagining a play and every day them come true. "

The coach also highlighted what will the years on the bench for first team: "I get the many emotions and details and have lived the good and bad times. Displays of affection are very large these days. I remembered Abidal, Keita, who has been my thermometer ... all these years. "

At the news conference yesterday in the press room at the Camp Nou Maxenchs Ricard, smaller than the Sala Paris, which was introduced four years ago, Guardiola was wrapped by the captains of the workforce, besides the two homegrown who came with him and stayed Segunda B, Sergio Busquets and Pedro, and Cesc and Piqué, former pupils of Vilanova. So was Messi, who nevertheless was not yesterday, apparently because of a misunderstanding. "Leo? Is here," said Pep.

Also most of the board, in addition to soccer training coach, Guillermo Amor, Guardiola also supported the day he announced his farewell, in addition to one of the most important of his career, his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, agent also Tito. (via MD)