24 April 2012

A team attack with Puyol and Mascherano in danger

Pep today will bring all their heavy hitters to eliminate Chelsea. Piqué and Cesc especially Alexis and return with a clear objective: to score goals.

Pep Guardiola will field all his cavalry against Chelsea tonight. Do not hide any cards under his arm in this game because there is no reserve worth. Blaugrana coach has little doubt about eleven. Piqué return to the defensive line after spending several parties outside the pitch, Alexis recover ownership be fully restored after the blow suffered by Terry, Cesc back to eleven in order to move between lines in search of a leak in the opposing defense, Iniesta will move along the core combined with the metronome Xavi, Sergio Busquets will be the pivot to balance the midfield and defense, captain Puyol exercised as he only knows' although in the case of playing in a back four could move to the left wing ', Mascherano will cover all fronts, the posts will Valdés, Alves will handle the right wing and of course above all is the' crack ', Leo Messi, who will have the difficult task of leading the team in whisk into their third Champions League final in four years.

This authentic eleventh gala just might be some retouching, whether tactical 'back four or three' or a name: the presence of Adriano to output the left. Then Mascherano could be sacrificed. Do not forget that Argentina is a penalty card, like Carles Puyol, so if both saw the yellow would be lost if the final qualifying.

There is no doubt that this condition the defense to keep the team with only one central, Piqué, for a grand final of the Champions, as Abidal would not.

In any case, all we can to ensure one hundred percent is that the team will come to attack and score goals. (via SPORT)