07 April 2012

Specific work plan for Xavi

Xavi Hernández will be the subject of special care in planning coaches have until end of season. The midfielder suffered discomfort in the soleus and to take the path of bitterness undertake not to force the machine to Xavi, who follow a training plan somewhat softer than their peers, with a specific exercise to prevent even always within the outline marked for the group.

The coaching staff has thoroughly planned every week between now and end of the season, once it is safe to be in the Champions League semi-finals and you know what days you play those games. There is no week without a game on a Tuesday or Wednesday and the club will play a minimum of eleven games, which will be twelve if you qualify for the Champions League final.

The intent of the coaches is, in principle, do recovery workouts after each game, with a more intense workload for those who have not played, but at this point with particular maintenance charges.

There will be weekly holiday whenever possible and Guardiola can repeat the pattern of granting extra days in special cases. In principle are provided for about forty-five working sessions until end of season.

Xavi, who technically is fully available to the coach because it is low, will be special attention because of their physical complaints and has established a working slower rate than their peers. Guardiola does not want to lose under any circumstances to the director of game and instructed to make it a priority to protect from possible injury.

Xavi was affected earlier in the week of their old pains in the soleus and missed two training sessions. He played sixty minutes against Milan, but the intention to dose their minutes to avoid injury. (via MD)