07 April 2012

[Selection] Sabella: "You have to invent a word that defines Messi"

The Argentine coach Alejandro Sabella explains the differences between Messi of Barça and of Argentina.

Alejandro Sabella has returned to rave to Leo Messi. "About that Messi is in Spain, the Royal Academy should invent a word to define it exactly. For me, as national team coach, is a privilege to direct it," he said in an interview on Radio Sport Telam.

The Argentine coach also explained what he said difference to Messi of Barça and playing for Argentina. "In Spain, the referees are stricter in physical play. In contrast, in South America are more permissive. If you play there as here you get along yellow and red cards every day. Why Messi is better in Spain than when wearing the Argentina shirt. but if we surround ourselves properly, we as a team to be champions. best thing is that Messi is Argentine, because it is a true ambassador of our country, which helps us all on the field and makes us look good outside with a exemplary behavior. " (via SPORT)