16 April 2012

[Selection] Del Bosque: "A European final Madrid-Barça does not harm the selection"

Vicente del Bosque said that a hypothetical Champions League final between Real Madrid and Barça "not detrimental to the team," as the national team players are ready "to win some and lose others."

"Beyond the selection is Spanish football. We enjoy repeat a difficult time because there are currently five teams in the semifinals of European competitions and the selection does not play anything there. Whatever happens will not affect anything in the selection "said Del Bosque.

"We want to be a European Cup final between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​because it will not hurt the team knowing that some will win and others lose. Players are ready for that," admitted the coach during the talk 'Gdansk with La Roja, which was presented the city where the team played their first three games of the group stage.

Del Bosque did not want to forward names squad for the championship which will give the May 15 and said that David Villa, currently recovering from a serious injury with his club, FC Barcelona, ​​could enter "always in a position to compete. "

"The question of Villa la we all have time to get well, is a special, exceptional and will always be in perfect condition and can compete. Last year we had an example with three players like Andrés Iniesta, Cesc Fábregas and Fernando Torres, endured until the end with some assurance that they were good and right ", he confessed.

"The process is the need to be and the doctors will tell us who are in the best conditions. What is clear is that as of May 30 we are all together we will prepare the best possible way to adapt and take the best participation in the Euro, "he said.

"The names we have them stuck in your head, master, we know by heart that potentially can come and take the decision on May 15," said Del Bosque, who subsequently relaxed in tone, it recognized that "does not" know any word in Polish.

"I know no word in Polish for years with Real Madrid played a European Cup match against Stal Mielek and I remember famous players that in that decade were brilliant," he said.

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