06 April 2012

[Selection] Borghi: "If Alexis was injured, no one's fault"

Chilean coach Claudio Borghi, removed iron Guardiola complaints about the physical state of Alexis Sánchez.

The head of the selection of Chile spoke at the Esports COPE program on his pupil Alexis and also discomfort FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, for your fitness especially after playing for his country. The Santpedor asked publicly to his forward to be dosed in international friendlies and Borghi replied: "It's hard to tell a player who enters the court and is dispensed. We understand that if the player is able to be played. He was injured and no one's fault, it was an accident and we hope that further in the future "

For the Chilean coach, Alexis "is in the middle" of this situation. "We understand that the club has made ​​a major investment and that the player belongs and we can quote it as it is being respectful of the player. We always talk with the player and understand the concerns of European coaches."

Nevertheless, Claudio Borghi made ​​clear that the deeply admires tocopillano Guardiola: "Alexis is amazed by his coach, with his companions, is a beautiful city. Football is his passion and a privilege to have a Chilean team of that level. "

The front is giving it all from your arrival at Camp Nou, although the coach jiuicio there are aspects that may not favorzecan style. "Barcelona has a very active game, a few touches and Alexis is over dribble, power, strength, but has done very well and the proof is the praise from the press, and technical people," said .

Finally, the head coach of Chile considers that "Barça makes it almost impossible to beat, scares the opponent before the game." And although Guardiola commitment "for its beauty sports" cobncluyó his speech with diplomacy: "Real Madrid is an impressive team." (via SPORT)