28 April 2012

Sandoval: "Guardiola has illuminated a path in which all have believed"

Rayo Vallecano coach said, Pep Guardiola, Barça coach is like "the Messiah" since "has illuminated a path in which all have believed" that allows "the error in the definition but not the error of the effort ".

"Guardiola have to respect him in his decision to leave Barcelona since it is a person who has gained much international football. Is a person who allows the error in the definition but not the error of the effort," said the coach in conference release.

"It's how the Messiah, has illuminated a path where all who believe. It's good to rest if you think so because you subtract the bench a lot of energy," confessed Sandoval referring to Guardiola.

The coach from Madrid refused to evaluate the European phase of Barcelona against Chelsea and the league defeat against Real Madrid, and does not believe that Rayo can pay the 'broken plates' last two trips azulgranas.

"Rayo will not pay any broken plate tomorrow, but Rayo have to play their competition, which is to save the category. What you have to do is compete and Rayo put it hard as he did with Real Madrid and Atlético, two teams of the greatest difficulties that happened here, "he said.

"Vallecas is different and will play against eleven or twelve thousand fans who will lead the team in a twinkling. We have to go to football concepts and try to beat the Barcelona game. I want the players to see that this is saving us category, "he said.

"I think Rayo has a philosophy and style of play themselves. We are playing eleven to eleven, although it is true that they have such quality that any minimum error is going to penalize us. Hope you do not have the successful day and I my team to compete. This game can be one that gives the glory, "he said.

"I hope the same Barcelona that league, because sometimes you have to applaud them, and not take it off or by hand. We will take a small step to risk as always, we have to play our game and not because it is the Barcelona intimidate. We are at home and is the ideal time to put the icing on the season, "he said.

The Barcelona arrive tomorrow to Vallecas the withdrawal of the injured Xavi Hernández player who Sandoval scored one of the four best in the world. "Barcelona have enough players to replace Xavi. For me it is within the top four in the world. Barca have players for that role, and you leave the bench to be unbalanced. What we have to do is not let think the player who plays in his position, because if anything, is Barcelona through excellence, "he said. (via SPORT)