21 April 2012

Rosell: "Our economic model is Bayern Munich"

"In football there are cycles and there will be a day that Barça will not win."
"Messi is not for sale" by a lot of money that is offered to the club.
"We have imposed a policy of extreme austerity two years."

The president of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, said that the model never give up football today, but has stated that in the economic field there are improvements that make following the path of German Bayern Munich.

In a Sunday interview with the French newspaper "L'Equipe", which devotes a special Barcelona, ​​Rosell said that "we will ensure that in future our guys continue to play with the same approach." "Barca have won some titles in a style that is not theirs. To the members did not like, were not happy despite the victory," said Barcelona president.

Rosell said that "after winning all their" club "should be maintained, trying to follow among the best in the field and off." "In football there are cycles and there will be a day that Barça will not win. At that time we will continue to defend our exemplar, our uniqueness. And off the field is where you get it, because by dint of perseverance, success becomes the field," noted.

The President considered that their project is "to making the Barça also an economic model," which was not in recent years. "We inherited a debt of 500 million euros. We have imposed a policy of extreme austerity for two years and have received support from the Foundation of Qatar. Without that help we would be in great difficulty," he said.

Rosell said he hoped to place on the club's constitution some rules, such as the debt is "acceptable" or that jeopardizes the heritage of the club, as he said "was about to do" his predecessor Joan Laporta.

Rosell said support reforms of the UEFA president, Michel Platini, including the defense of the clubs that are not corporations. "Competition with corporations is difficult (...) but long term we who have more success. A millionaire, a patron, comes one day get tired of putting money and the club ceases to exist," said .

In this sense, Rosell said: "Messi is not for sale" how much money you are offered. "A corporation would sell because it is a company seeking profits. It is not our case," he said. (via MD)