05 April 2012

The referee Barça-Milan Ibrahimovic censorship comments

Bjorn Kuipers stepped out of the criticisms of the penalties referred to Milan at the Camp Nou and considered that "is not what you say Ibrahimovic".

The referee Barça-Milan, Swede Björn Kuipers said Wednesday that the bus arbitration refereed the match at the Camp Nou was "a great team."

"Everything went as it should," he said told the Associated Press, which picked 'Sportyou'. "I received several calls after the game and all praised me," revealed an Kuipers reiterated that "our performance was very positive," although UEFA does not allow colleges to analyze their games through the media.

The Swedish referee had no hesitation in censoring the words of his compatriot, exazulgrana Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who surprised the claim that "understood" to Mourinho. Kuipers was emphatic on this point: "It's not what you say Ibrahimovic. We are comfortable with our work. " (via SPORT)