29 April 2012

Rayo-Barça: plays to make la Liga long to Madrid

Barça has a very precise on a trip to Vallecas newspaper put the spotlight on the first photos of Tito as a successor to Pep.

The displacement of Barça to Madrid today, where they will play late in the day closing Vallecas offers two fronts maximum media attention and the other football one.

When the official expedition arrives at Barcelona airport cameras capture for the first time the face, gestures and movements of Tito Vilanova, so far mate and essential partner Guardiola outside the journalistic focus, a figure that went unnoticed in the usual images of departures and arrivals to hotels and airports.

From now on will be different, especially on this trip to Madrid where his presence and participation, but will be forever, acquire a special screening.

Also Pep Guardiola, who shall vacate the office to Tito in late May so you can finally take control, will be observed during these last four weeks at the helm, so full of symbolism itself. Not for nothing is the best coach in the history of the Barça, leaving behind a style and personal dynamics.

The players will not lack reasons for leaving with the highest vocation of victory against the Lightning. For Pep, to dedicate a League final at the level of professionalism and character of Tito because after all these parties already have such assessment for the next season and because it is, and agrees that all FC Barcelona, to make the longest possible la Liga to Real Madrid, even more so if in the morning than at Sevilla at the Bernabeu.

In strictly sport, Barça has already lost la Liga after the setback at the Camp Nou last Saturday against Real Madrid, but it seems that the respective deletions in the Champions League, neither will play the final, has not cooled the rivalry but on the contrary, seems to have stimulated to give this end of the season an unexpected approach.

If Barça had been classified Vallecas would have gone to a lot of people's branch. It's different now, avoid touching white alirón best prepare Cup final 25-M. This has not been finished yet. (via MD)