30 April 2012

Pep Guardiola: "Without me, Barça will continue to compete at the top"

Pep Guardiola admitted having lived a very quiet game and praised the team's attitude.

The first question to Pep Guardiola was on the performance of Pedro. "We started in third together. It is true that this year has had injury stoppages. I am very happy for his performance, beyond the two goals for how he has moved."

Declarations of Arsène Wenger to know his farewell, Pep was limited to "acknowledge the words of Arsenal." And it grieved him decide whether to leave the club added that "Barça is my home and realized that time was over and there is no getting around. It is a young team knows that Tito and I am convinced that Barça will continue to compete in the top ".

The coach lamented the goal celebration Thiago made ​​by the scorer and teammate Dani Alves, which Carles Puyol had to put an end. "There are acts of Barça players. We apologize to the fans of FC Barcelona. Not happen again."

For Guardiola, the game served to delay the alirón of Real Madrid. "A football game always goes a long way. We know that Madrid is champion, but this game is a demonstration of what this team has been a long time. Vallecas is a difficult but we played well. We are preparing for Calderon's final and we can not let go. why I am so happy with the performance of the players. "

For Pep, was a normal match. "We have prepared their best, but it was nothing special."

At the insistence of his farewell, Guardiola was adamant in stating that "I'm not dead. Will keep spinning around. But thank tests esteem."

Guardiola justified because on the bench he and Tito Vilanova had held so little goals. "We are pleased when we do so many goals, but with the League sentenced you take it more calmly. Also saw that the party was controlled."

On the ownership of Pinto, justified it by saying that "will play the Cup final because he led us there and I'd rather take the pitch, dynamics. Has been fantastic as always."

The statements of Karanka on his farewell, he lamented to classify them as "a no-brainer. La Liga existed before me and follow after me. Congratulations."

Finally, in response to an English journalist, Guardiola did not rule out going to train to England, but made clear, as Friday that it would be now, because today's off. (via SPORT)