11 April 2012

Pedro, Alexis and Messi run and laugh: Pim PAM Pum

Barça's victory shined with four great goals that shook the Camp Nou with joy and excitement.

It was on the half hour mark when a nasty cold wind began to push at the Camp Nou. The gale Leo broke a little later, in minute 43, sensing that Iniesta was able to infiltrate the opponent at that speed you, that makes him invisible, removing the defense to leave the ball in the opposite direction.

Leo was unsure how to invent and Andrés Iniesta pass that would have bet an arm that Messi would be there to pick up the ball. He touched first to dribble but spread that fashion shoot without affectation, strong, tall, unstoppable, launched a devastating left hook.

Iniesta scored well against Athletic, Leo scored the 1-2 in Zaragoza with the same forcefulness and seen the success formula repeated that shot last night to certify romperredes (2-0) that Barça, with the victory and entrained by Alexis, the Messi enabled with a chest support, it became a point behind. Another thing is that the athletic gods awaken from their slumber today.

At the end would be a pim PAM (Pedro-Alexis-Messi), pam for the team azulgrana, running more than laughing but having the time, sweep resistance Getafe with that inspiration which is neither casual nor be given away.

Because there is much work and effort behind that another goal of Alexis also breaking the network of a header from Cuenca, which yesterday crossed another boundary, the 12 goals for his best year in Italy, raised to 13 and possibility of establishing its own roof in the first year of azulgrana.

As there is faith, enthusiasm and tremendous fellowship brutal behind the goal by Pedro - ball Leo placed on his head gyro-,acclaimed as the Camp Nou in their heyday.

The stadium fell apart because Peter, now rising from its worst, this boat represents the sublimation of illusion and a case of supreme talentoen transformation efficiency, goals and titles.

Four goals, another whack to la Liga and a soft pillow to sleep on the minimum distance from that Madrid which, however, have given too much.

And Messi finally cheered on the brink of all legends, it has 9 straight games scoring in La Liga, about to reach 10 Mariano Martin and Ronaldo scored one more goal being to a Cristiano in his record of 62 goals in a course. Follow Leo. (via MD)