06 April 2012

Ovrebo still receives threatening letters

The Norwegian still receiving threatening emails Chelsea fans for his arbitration in the semifinals of the Champions of 2009 against Barça.

Norwegian Tom Henning Ovrebo still receiving threatening emails Chelsea fans for his arbitration in the semifinal of the Champions League that the English lost against Barcelona in 2009, admitted today to the British newspaper 'The Guardian'.

The Blues will face off on April 18 against azulgrana in a controversial semi-final clash reissue the last three seasons in which a Spanish Andrés Iniesta goal in the last breath left out the whole of Stamford Bridge. On that occasion, the British claimed up to four penalties that the referee did not grant, and two players 'blue', Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa Portuguese, received penalties of four and three games respectively by angry rebuke to college after the final whistle .

After that day, Ovrebo, who is now 45, received several threats via e-mail, and ensures that you still receive some letters "abusive". "It's still hard. Keep getting three or four emails from Chelsea fans every year," said the referee, who lives in Oslo and continue refereeing in the Norwegian First Division. "It's not pleasant, but nothing too serious. Do not let it affects me or my family. The truth is that they do not know much about this because I teach mails," said Ovrebo, father of four, who also serves as a psychologist.

The Norwegian retired from international arbitration in May 2010, a year after the game between Chelsea and Barcelona in which, he admits, made ​​some mistakes. "Looking back, there are certain things I should have done differently. Learned a lot from that experience," said the referee, who stressed that "all referees have their good and bad games, times when they do well, and others where not so good. "

Stressed that the experience Ovrebo at Stamford Bridge "clouded" his "love of football" and that now looks less games on TV than before. Still, the referee said that will see the next semifinal between English and Catalans. "Despite everything that happened, I love the Champions League, especially the big games played in the final stages of the tournament, and this is definitely one of them," he said. (via MD)