06 April 2012

One goal short of Guardiola era record

The first team celebrated their 157th goal so far this season on Tuesday – and that leaves them just one short of the record for a season under Guardiola in the 2008/09 campaign.

Messi, with 58 goals is the leading scorer, averaging 1.18 goals a game.

This season’s team look set to become the highest scoring of the Guardiola era, having already scored 157 – just one less than the current record set in the 2008/09 season. In the 2009/10 campaign, the team scored 138 and last year they managed 152.

Those 157 goals have come in just 53 games over the six tournaments the team have been involved in: 86 goals in la Lliga, 33 in the Champions League, 23 in the Spanish Cup, 8 in the World Club Cup, 5 in the Spanish and 2 in the European Super Cups. That works out at an average of 2,97 goals a game - much higher than previous seasons (2,54 in 2008/09, 2,33 in 09/10 and 2,45 in 2010/11).
A total of 19 players have scored so far this season: Messi (58 goals), Cesc (15), Xavi (14), Alexis (11), Villa (9), Iniesta (7), Pedro (7), Tello (7), Cuenca (4), Thiago (3), Alves (3), Adriano (3), Puyol (3), Keita (2), Piqué (2), Sergi Roberto (2), Montoya (1), Abidal (1) and Maxwell (1). The team have also benefited from four own goals – two in La Liga and two in the Champions League.

Leo Messi’s stats really stand out: the Argentinean has scored 37% of Barça’s goals, averaging 1.18 goals a game. (via FCBarcelona.com)