16 April 2012

No sign of Stamford 'Beach' means the grass will be perfect

The Chelsea Stadium turf will be in perfect condition to receive the FC Barcelona.

There was a time, with José Mourinho on the bench, where Stamford Bridge became Stamford 'Beach', a field traditionally good become a potato, a motley mixture of sand and grass specially created to disrupt the game Barça. It was 2005 and Barça was left out of the Champions League in the second round after losing 4-2 in a field improper competition. Mourinho had gotten away with it.

This time, however, the scenario is quite different: except in the areas near the goal line, where the grass usually has some 'bald', Stamford Bridge grass is perfect to get to Barcelona. There will be no debate on the lawn, which will be short, but Chelsea can assert their right to reduce the risk to the minimum laid down by UEFA.

But employees of the London club strive to care for the table to discuss footballing Chelsea and Barça equal. This morning, two of those in charge of the gardening club they reviewed the state of the lawn, fixing some holes and slightly lowering the height of the grass with a machine.

Still bear the memory of 2005, when there was more sand than grass, even among the guides that illustrate the 'tour' tourist facilities Stamford Bridge. "There was a time when there was much sand in the playground," recalled one of the guides, Danielle, "but now the Chelsea makes a special effort in his field is in perfect condition." (via SPORT)