22 April 2012

Karanka: "Some people did not give anything for this team"

Aitor Karanka has stated that his team's victory in the Camp Nou is not even that los blancos have buttoned up the league title.

"There are still games and this is the result of work being done. There are still very important points at stake and at the Bernabéu are two games that can make us champions. We have to continue working as before," said the coach Madrid news conference after the meeting.

In any case, has admitted that "there are three important points being so little points that give us confidence to continue working" to a team on which "some people do not give anything."

An impulse to serve the Madrid ahead of the semifinal round of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, with unfavorable outcome for los blancos.

And is that despite the victory, and although his team has not made ​​a great game tonight, Karanka recalled that "every game is important and different." "It will be different, you have to go back, we know that the Bernabeu is as the major events and we must continue forward," he said.

"The message sent to the Real Madrid players have today, a day all year and this season so they are doing. The Madridismo is delighted with the job and costumes happy. Was an important game, but we're thinking the Champions League match, "he assured the coach.

Analyzing the win against Barça in more detail, Karanka explained that his team knew that "in the past the goals we had not been served", so at halftime, coach Jose Mourinho has insisted kill the game as soon as possible even if received from a goal down, has been reported.

Finally, has praised Cristiano Ronaldo, scorer of the second and final goal. "We are accustomed to great moments. In the Cup final was the goal that made ​​us champions and now I will not discover anything.'s The best player in the world", has ruled. (via SPORT)