05 April 2012

Mexes: "Lucky that Messi is not at Euro!

Philippe Mexes, French player of Milan, admitted that the victory of Barça was fair.

While some are engaged in looking for trouble and victory of Barça, AC Milan players themselves, except for Ibrahimovic, fell victim to the triumph of Barcelona.

One is the Frenchman Philippe Mexes. "Congratulations to Barcelona, we now think of the Italian league. It's a shame because we had several opportunities to get ahead on the scoreboard. I apologize for the first goal, which comes for a ball that I lose. With the 1 -1 we thought you could do damage to Barça, but playing against this team is tough. then reached the second penalty, which I found very clear and that's it. we have been at its height and I hope we meet again the next season and hopefully have more determination and more luck. "

Mexes, who hopes to be with France in the next European Championship was emphatic in stating that "Barça has cut the legs and his victory is logical. Fortunately, Messi will not be in the upcoming Euro!" (via SPORT)