03 April 2012

Messi, 'bitten' by his few goals in the Italian

The press notes that only transalpine has signed a target in seven games.

The Italian press, especially following the current AC Milan, is scrutinizing the data from FC Barcelona to test how far it can encrypt all possibilities for the 'Rossoneri' to eliminate Barça. And looking, searching, found that only Leo Messi scored a goal in seven games he has played against Italian teams in the Champions League. Seven games against Udinese (1), Inter Milan (3) and AC Milan against himself (3) in which the Argentine could only score a target and a penalty. It was in the penultimate of these games against rivals transalpine, Milan-Barça in the group stage of the current edition of the Champions azulgrana victory that ended 2-3. Leo scored the 1-2 from the penalty spot and also with suspense. And in its first release was a 'paradiña' very exaggerated motivated protestasen Milan players and the referee, Wolfgang Stark of Germany, ordered to repeat the shot.

In the replay, Messi opted for the clásico: powerful shot in the bottom left of the goal of Abbiati, his corner up. Result, almost always: goal. In previous games against Italian opposition, and in the last week against Milan, Leo failed to score.

These games were a Barça-Udinese (4-1) of the Champions league 2005-06, the two semi-final against Inter of Mourinho in 2009-10 and an earlier one also against the Nerazzurri in the group stage, and two of the season against Milan, one of the league and the quarterfinal last week.

The finding is surprising for Messi and the press in Italy yesterday boasted that the 'calcio' does know stop Leo. So someone would do well to give Barça get a copy of MD at Messi with breakfast. When you are Argentine genius as anyone challenges like those launched from Italy. (via MD)