09 April 2012

Mata: "We can eliminate the Barça"

Aware that it will be very difficult, Catalan and Asturian adoption are optimistic with moderation.

Two of the three Spanish players in the ranks miltan Chelsea yesterday showed their full belief in the possibilities of his squad for the Champions League semi-final they will face Barcelona on Wednesday April 18 at Stamford Bridge and 24 in the Camp Nou.

Both exvalencianista Juan Mata and the exbarcelonista Oriol Romeu agree to ensure, though, that may not make any mistakes if they want to achieve your goal.

Mata is convinced that the tactics will be crucial to the options 'blues', especially considering the first leg. "We can get a good result if we put into practice the way we played and got to prevent the Bar-ça develop his usual touch football and possession," the Spanish international.

"We aim to have a clinic in our chances in attack and be very compact to defend as a team throughout the match. The key is that we remain very compact," continued the former player of Valencia.

In his first season at Stamford Bridge, Mata is playing a key role both Vilas Boas on the bench as now under the command of his former assistant, Italian Roberto di Matteo. The Burgos to date has scored ten goals in all competitions (five in the Premier League, three in the FA Cup and two in the Champions League).

"Barça is one of the world's best players in their ranks 'Leo Messi', but in football nothing is impossible. They have many players with a huge experience in these games, but we. Now we are going through a roll results and the team has won much confidence, this has been the main change. we are in the semifinals of the FA Cup and the Champions League but we are also focused on being fourth in the Premier or third parties. to overcome the Barça have to do a great match ... that's obvious, "he reflected.

Mata remembered what happened in 2009 with a goal from Iniesta in the discount Barca qualified for the final in Rome. "Chelsea came close last time and I remember it well. He was about and I hope that this year the end is different," he added.

He also mentioned that circumstance Oriol Romeu options to support your team. "Chelsea has already demonstrated three years ago that is able to beat Barça," said the Catalan midfielder. The Ulldecona praised the quality and ambition of the azulgrana equipment.

"They are showing a dramatic level for many years and not lose one iota his desire to win, but we can beat them," he continued.

"I'm playing less, but I'm comfortable and I'm training well. I signed for Chelsea to grow as a player. My goal is not necessarily play the semifinals of the Champions ... I want to go slow. I will be patient and try to use my opportunities when they arrive ", said Romeu. (via SPORT)