04 April 2012

Mascherano said Ibrahimovic

Javier Mascherano spoke to Barça TV microphones after the meeting and wanted to respond to the words of Ibrahimovic to a Swedish channel.

"Now I understand why Mourinho complains when it comes to Camp Nou," said Swede Ibrahimovic to a channel just after the game. Not far from there and a few minutes apart, Mascherano He talked to Barça TV and TV3 and was told the words of Swedish. "Everyone has their opinion, but two penalties were very clear," said the Argentine. "We do not always help because Milan did not help us much," he added, referring to more of an arbitration award in San Siro.

Mascherano gave their views on the match: "Overall we did a good job defensively despite scoring a goal. Oportuindades They did not have to mark and this is due not only to the defense if not the defensive task of the whole team," said .

"Knowing that they have very strong players in attack had to have control of the game, create chances and score more than one goal," he said. Mascherano said change from three to four defenses necessary. "We started with a 3-4-3 because we needed people out since the Milan defended very good inside. But after the 2-1 defense was better prioritize and so we went back to back four," he said.

The Argentine has no preference for the semi-final opponent and wanted to achieve "the bell a third final in four years." (via SPORT)