11 April 2012

Luis García: "If you play these eleven whole league would not have nothing to do"

Getafe coach, Luis García, has said after the defeat of his team 4-0 in the Camp Nou if Barça plays with all his figures as "very difficult" to snatch a point.

"They have a show, have not missed a pass, were tight and pulled out. When you play at this level is very difficult", said at a news conference in Madrid coach set.

García indicated that the Barça starting line, with Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Alexis, among others, had "the best players in the world" and that if the tournament will play with these players would have no choice rivals.

Getafe coach recalled that in the Coliseum were able to beat them, so he said he would sign each season add 3 of the 6 points to play against Barça.

On the Argentine Leo Messi, who has scored a goal and has participated in the other three, Getafe coach has said he will make a splash.

"He's a player who can afford to receive the foot and from there create. He's the best player in the world, but in addition to much. It spectacular things, is on par with the best and will mark a time," has sentenced Luis García.

However, despite the win, Luis García wanted to congratulate his players for the effort they have made ​​and has urged his team to focus on Monday's game against Sevilla.

The coach said that no team can win the fight for Michel "being the best, and that for the people of Getafe is very nice." (via SPORT)