10 April 2012

Luis García: "Barça will go a thousand"

Getafe coach, Luis García, facing a visit to the Camp Nou by signing a draw beforehand, with the peace of mind in their pocket almost stay in Primera Division.

The fight for the title with Barcelona four points behind Real Madrid, has been red hot. Luis García, Barcelona's next opponent, but still see it out "favorite" the whole of José Mourinho.

"Barça can now see la Liga before looked very difficult. Although for me is still favorite Real Madrid, they will go to a thousand," he said. "My players have said, believe in you, as you do. Here we could win. Have to compete hard."

With the tranquility of being virtually saved and the chance to fight for more, Getafe will be planted at the Camp Nou with a change of system: "It is the most difficult match we have left. His numbers are impressive at home. They have won everything except for a tie. "

"I will make some changes to look cool. Maybe we play with three midfielders like we did at home. It is an option that we have valued although we could not prepare almost anything at the tactical level. It is an option to cover the combinations that are inside . I think they will not make any rotation, "he said.

And expects his opponent to play with three back line and covered at the time of Argentine Leo Messi who praised: "When you play with three defenders do more damage but are justitos ago. Those who go are just as good at removing Messi is a notch above others. "

"We will remain very special surveillance over him, but that we do all the coaches and the end always marks. Sometimes you can not stop it. What you are doing this kid is something abysmal, not only because it makes it so generated when the catch, "he praised.

Luis García sucks that his team can discuss possession to Barcelona, ​​although he stressed that the key is to be "effective and forceful" on the occasions they have. "If we do not have the most options."

Therefore, the technician said that he was not "drop the Rings" by admitting that he would sign the draw at the Camp Nou as "Real Madrid would do." After this game, Getafe have dream matches for Europe. "There are twelve points for playing at home of which nine are against teams from the lower area."

He reminded the party of the first round, when they managed the feat of beating Barcelona, ​​to highlight the desire of vengeance of Pep Guardiola at a time which can not fail. "We will find a spectacular team at home. Going to go out to the fullest and take into account that we beat them here. It will encourage more. I see them able to win every game. You can not allow a setback after they have cut but we go with the idea of ​​adding more points, "he said. (via SPORT)