28 April 2012

Lobo Carrasco: "Guardiola has chosen the healthiest thing"

Lobo Carrasco understood the decision of Pep Guardiola and supports the choice of Tito Vilanova.

Lobo Carrasco, ex player of FC Barcelona, ​​is convinced that "Barça and football will always have a debt to Guardiola." Then, told Mas Esports by Sergi Mas in Com Ràdio, explained that "things have happened in the locker room, undoubtedly, when a coach does not control the locker room, you could get out of humility and respect línia proclaiming with very good judgment and have known players like Iniesta and make the flag. There have been others who have gone a little of that road and he has chosen the healthiest in terms of return to avoid problems or to anticipate problems that can arise. As it is very smart, the step taken is consistent with the things that have happened and now to see who is able to revive the costume that needs a different momentum that has given Pep ".

About the new coach, Carrasco explains, "I met with Tito Vilanova in Figueres. He is a very good coach furnished mind. Has had a great experience these years next to Pep Guardiola and his approach to bring football. Most important thing is who can master all that surrounds the FC Barcelona, ​​that's the most important. the costumes, hopefully heads visible to those who gave them over as Iniesta, Xavi, Valdés and Messi know dress him, to help and understand. " (via SPORT)