28 April 2012

Lillo: "All I felt Pep when he played it has passed when trains"

Coach Juan Manuel Lillo, a personal friend of Josep Guardiola, dijoa Efe, on the latter's decision not to continue next season at Barcelona, "Whatever makes you happy Pep makes me happy me."

The Basque coach Guardiola noted that "meditate a lot of things and have taken this decision is because he thinks is best for him and for someone else to him."

Lillo not know if Guardiolathe decision of is a break to re-train or definitive. "We should not dare to say things in time. Have to see how you feel. Like you want to go back to four days or you're fine, you never know."

As for the legacy he leaves the club azulgrana, Lillo said: "Pep and Barça are the same. All I felt when he played it when training and has passed over with a level of passion and enthusiasm. His daring to put together to which others would not have dared and this has also helped the Spanish team that not the thing has gone wrong. "

The ex coach of Almeria, Salamanca, Oviedo, Zaragoza and Tenerife, among others, defined a joke as a "coach on call in case someone gets sick," adding on if you have any plans to lead a team: "I'm waiting you want you want and, if given the circumstances, we palante ".

On the Europa League final between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid told EFE: "Welcome Whether you are facing two Spanish teams and it is curious that both with the same name and same lines in a final. Two coaches also Argentine although conceptually very different. "

As to whether it considers that it was unfair that Barcelona and Real Madrid to stay out of the Champions League, Lillo said wryly: "Injustice is not because Chelsea and Bayern have no criminal record certificate so they can not play it. What happens is whether it is more or less deserved. "

"It is clear that the two parties became more merit Barcelona. In contrast, Bayern was more present, closer to the area that the Real Madrid".

Asked for a prognosis for the winner of the next three finals, Champions League, Europe and the Copa del Rey, Lillo avoided making predictions. "These are questions to Rappel, no idea." (via SPORT)