11 April 2012

[Liga BBVA; Week33] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 Getafe CF

The tenth straight win in the league allows Barça set at a point behind.

Alexis and Messi have signed the first two goals before the break, always from the front.

The Chilean and Pedro have finished the game in the second half with two headers great.

If this had been a test Tuesday, FC Barcelona have returned to take honors. Getafe has shed a delicious football, and placed at a single point behind leaders Real Madrid, who play Wednesday at the Vicente Calderon under intense pressure. The set of Guardiola has caught an almost perfect match from start to finish, initiated with goals from Alexis and Messi in the first half and signed with two others header of Chilean and Pedro, who has followed two days marking.

Thus, Barça, which has added its tenth straight win in the league, you can begin preparing for Saturday's game and at the revelation of la Liga, Levante, waiting for what happens on Wednesday in the Madrid derby.

Guardiola knew the significance of the meeting and have not booked anything. Home has aligned a team with only three defenders and six offensive profile players such as Xavi, Iniesta, Cuenca, Pedro, Alexis and Messi. The meeting was presented as a battle for the midfield, because Luis Garcia has also invested heavily in the media line, in order to contain as much as possible to Barça.

It has failed because Barça has been a whirlwind since the beginning, and soon found with both Alexis, who has shed his namesake in Getafe to sign the first with a tight shot from the front. He has strongly held the Camp Nou, which has agreed Abidal 22 minutes from both sides.

Getafe has only made ​​it through the center circle in three consecutive virtually actions after half an hour. With Miku as lone striker, the rest of the machine has to stop Barça associations, who have repeatedly completed centers Pedro and Cuenca, left and right, respectively. Inside, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi brought Alexis and header to the visitors' defense. All have had the second goal in their boots, but it was the Argentine who has found a phenomenal wall after Iniesta, also in the front. Before the break, 2-0 and an overwhelming dominance.

After the break, wind and rain water at the Camp Nou, factors that have cooled slightly the meeting to the quarter final hour, when FC Barcelona has again put the pedal to secure the three points. What has made the least common: two headed goals. The first work of Alexis, all power in the jump, after a brilliant move and a better center of Cuenca in the right wing. The secondwith Pedro nodding back a free-kick by Messi. After the storm ceased two goals: it was party night at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona Valdés; Mascherano (Muniesa, 84), Puyol, Adriano (Montoya, min.75); Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Messi, Iniesta; Pedro (Tello, min.80), Alexis and Cuenca.

Getafe Moyá; Miguel Torres, Cata Díaz, Alexis, Masilela; Casquero, Juan Rodríguez (Barrada, min.69), Rubén Pérez, Ríos (Artoyo, min.89); Diego Castro (Gavilán, min.69) and Miku.

Goals: 1-0, min.13: Alexis Sánchez. 2-0, min.44: Messi. 3-0, min.73: Alexis. 4-0, min.74: Pedro.

Referee: González González, Castilian-Leonese committee. Showed yellow ? (min.50) and Gavilán (min.74).

Subs: Match the 33rd game of the match at the Camp Nou against esèctadores 76,041.
In 22 minutes the fans cheered with a minute's applause for Eric Abidal, operated on Tuesday at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona for a liver transplant.