28 April 2012

The Keys of wear of Pep Guardiola as the coach of Barça

The technical staff feared that ceased to believe in him disgust.
It has kept the group stressed to the max and relentlessly for four years.

Throughout the season, Pep Guardiola has explained in several ways. For active, passive, more clearly, inline or by reference to the 'Panxa plena' (full belly), a metaphor for the many titles won the previous three years.

In all these ways the coach has tried to explain the difficulty of keeping on top the tension of a unique group, a tension that has been as important as the talent to build the best four years of the history of the Barça. In this difficulty is, above all, the main motivation of the technician to decide to leave a job with which had dreamed.

These are not fights, arguments or hard feelings that it has had persistent Pep in previous seasons, for example, Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, but some disparity of opinion expressed by major players point of the template, which in 2008 almost kissed the ground she walked by the coach. The infatuation of the early years is not so pure.

Guardiola has been explaining those feelings you have over several interviews, such as that given to Rai for the centenary of Brescia a little over a year, which aroused great controversy. In it, Pep and warned that it was closer to the end than the beginning. And alluding to wear of personal relationships: "Over time, players get tired of one," he said. And there have been other episodes, which may one day transcend, reflecting the weariness.

Manage that fatigue is what Pep does not feel strong enough to do. Vilanova, yes, because it is worn as your 'boss' and friend. Guardiola had to make decisions, perhaps painful, Tito probably find a way to prevent.

Vilanova has intact the deposit of its ability to convince a group some of whose pieces major-Messi included-trained when they were cadets. Pep, however, and used his power of seduction.

Guardiola, in short, has been detected this year than the belly, indeed, is full. The attitude has been good, but the need, insufficient. And that has come to help the small details crashing in the post

Guardiola said he left Barça to rest, as explained at length, not to undertake another adventure football. The Barcelona coach said "not interested" what their activity. The Santpedor remained enigmatic about his future but his words will not train shows that, despite the offers that drive, especially English teams and English Federation itself. (via MD)