20 April 2012

Karanka: "The behavior of our players on the field has been fantastic"

The second of Mourinho gave a press conference prior to the Barça-Madrid.

Aitor Karanka attended the press conference prior to the great clásico on Saturday to replace Real Madrid coach José Mourinho, who once again was silent and did not want to face at a press conference. Karanka repeated several times the "Madrid has not done more in the Camp Nou because we have left."

On el clásico itself, said it has all the ingredients to be a good game, appealing to all happen in a "normal": "They are two excellent templates, live a great atmosphere. We want to develop normally all that be a good match. "Karanka said that Madrid would like in the three clásico played in the Camp Nou in the era Mourinho: "It will be like the last three times. All that we could control was there, we have, we need not change. I that depends on us we will. "The Basque said no head at Bayern, and that if you lose, nothing happens, because there are four parties: "The game we have in mind is that of tomorrow. Out as always there and see what deparando going. We propose to make a good match, three points but there are five games, which are equally important. "Around the club's players Chamartin, the second of Mourinho said Lass will be available to the team, like Di Maria and Ozil, "The two train normally. Di Maria has been long injured, and no Ozil to discover who he is. can be important for us. Lass itself may be, is Madrid player and we have him. "About Coentrao, much criticized for his work against Bayern, Karanka defended him in the style of Mourinho, showing that they look with new eyes because of who he is: "The work that Fabio was not to make Robben goal and focus. I did very well. It is easy to criticize in the direction of a site ... "

When asked a reporter if Madrid had prepared the entrenameinto with 10 players, Karanka replied that they had done with 24, with the entire staff, and that Madrid is not tired, "He is not tired. There have been injuries, sanctions rotations. for a game like there can be tired tomorrow. "Finally, let a headline about the behaviors and attitudes of Madrid in recent clásicos: "Within the field behavior of our players has been fantastic. When no one's been able to do things they do not control, nor can we control ". (via SPORT)