26 April 2012

Juanma Lillo, "Guardiola's decision does not depend on what happened"

Juanma Lillo has spoken about the renewal of Pep Guardiola for Barça in 'Ona Esportiva' Onda Cero Catalunya and assured that "there is always the fear that I can think attribution for what it truly is. But I do not think Guardiola's decision based on what happened. it may be that Pep had it tied up "

In this sense he added: "I do not know if he feels able to continue. Who knows how to find when taking the decision. "

Guardiola on relationship with the costumes, Juanma Lillo says that "at this time seems to have spent much more pleasant things that things are not pleasant, although it is true that the time tested everything."

"The players feel admiration for Pep, a coach there are few criticisms to make. Personally, anyone have any reproach to make, "says the former coach.

Asked if Barça's model can be used up and the teams have to get the hang of Barça, Lillo replied: "Who is the trick to Messi when you faced? You can not be sublime in perpetuity. That has never happened in history. " (via MD)