14 April 2012

Juan Ignacio Martínez: "The grass being cut already and tomorrow I will cast water."

Juan Ignacio Martínez, Levante coach said the league will not be decided by the match that his team plays against Barcelona and ruled that Madrid has to motivate his players with a "seafood".

"In a league as regular, if we beat Barca, which is easy to say with their mouths but we have to Curran in the field not be left here in la Liga. Do not think about those details, Madrid is a team sir. not have to pay a seafood or anything, "he said.

Levante coach, always in a tone of good humor, joked about the possibility of reducing the field to win at Barcelona, as well as the controversy over the height of grass which has complained on other occasions in recent days Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. "That's not what I had raised, talk with Raimon (the gardener of the Ciudad de Valencia), just shake it a little so that Guardiola surprised not seeing this," he said. "They are already cutting (grass), tomorrow morning I will cast the water, we are very serious in that regard, for they say that has flowers the field and do not cut it since Christmas," he added. In addition, Valencia coach also was taken with a sense of humor that has tradition of praying before games. "If you pray and the other also, tie safe," he joked.

The Valencia coach has confirmed that only the mystery of whether you can count on Javi Venta after suffering a stroke on the left foot.

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