28 April 2012

Jordi Roura is emerging as the assistant of Tito

Tito Vilanova wants a House aide and current rival analyst points to the first team bench.

One of the issues pending official confirmation is none other than knowing the name of the person who will occupy the present position of Tito Vilanova. That is, who shall disclose the work of technical assistant from next season.

The demands of Vilanova are clear: you want a coach house and a person of his confidence. Based on this profile, the name of Jordi Roura sounds insistently. The technician is part of the team composed of Jordi Roura, Domènec Torrent and Carles Planchart, whose main task has been to conduct extensive scouting work on all opponents of the team. His image, associated with a film camera, has become routine in the Ciutat Esportiva.

In principle, Roura part with some advantage over the rest of his teammates as he joins a close friendship with Villanova. And is that the coach was now an essential part in rebuilding the whole network of technicians and assistants around Guardiola. In addition, Roura has some coaching experience, because in his day, Charly Rexach hand, had the opportunity to address a couple of adventures that led him even to Japanese football.

The assistant is not finalized, but will emerge from the short list of technicians who are scoutings team. (via SPORT)