28 April 2012

Jordi Alba, Barça's first signing of the 'era Tito'

The new coach has always been aware of all movements in the chapter of ups and downs.

Tito Vilanova will be responsible for a workforce that will have several new faces on the picture of the actual dress blaugrana. The relief does not involve any coach or trauma necessary to revise the plans designed by the sports management. And is that previous conversations between Pep, Zubizarreta and Vice President Bartomeu have always had the complicity of Tito Vilanova.

There is much work ahead, but the first steps have been taken decisively. In this sense, as SPORT forward several weeks ago, Jordi Alba and is tied for the future. The Valencia left-back contract ends in 2013 and only left to seal the transfer price of the Levant squadron. Or agreed to a figure between clubs, or Alba return to Barcelona in two seasons at no cost. All indications are that Barca and Valencia finally materialize an amount settle the controversy.

Alba is the first but not the only one. The defender requires the addition of another plant. There are two alternatives: if the economic game have generous, Thiago Silva remains the favorite, but Milan is not the work and sign the Brazilian seems complicated by a number less than 30 million euros. Conversely, if the coffers tighten, it could choose to go in search of a young promising future. It works in both directions.

Where there may be surprises gauge is on the point of attack. For months the technicians are convinced of the need to strengthen a plot which accuses excessive reliance on Messi. It is true that the injury of Villa has hit the attack on blaugrana, but estimates a need for a profile of nine to provide additional tactical resources. In these last hours, more than one recalled Tito Vilanova statements extolling the virtues of Athletic international Fernando Llorente. Also, is gaining weight the theory of seeking a second striker to unfold in one on one band. The market offers many interesting and reasonably priced alternatives. Not surprisingly, these high mean the transfer of some existing forward and the transfer of Tello or Cuenca.

Tito's contract, about signing

Public were not disclosed details about the contract that will Tito Vilanova as new coach of FC Barcelona. Indoors, club sources have confirmed that all is said and there will be no problem for signature only when the time comes to end of season. Rosell it has expressed its willingness to close a contract beyond one season, as required Pep Guardiola. Of course, Vilanova update their remuneration. (via SPORT)